Song TitlePriceSamplePurchase
1. Amazing Grace $0.99 Listen
2. Scotty Daniels Avenue $0.99 Listen
3. On the Brink* $0.99 Listen
4. Lost Your Mind** $0.99 Listen
5. The Streets in Boston (by Patrick Brink) $0.99 Listen
6. Bo Dodent*** $0.99 Listen

*The Patrick Brink Jazz Quartet includes:

  • Taka Moro, guitar
  • Alfred Kennedy, bass
  • Chris Brown, drums
  • Patrick Brink, trumpet/keys

**The Patrick Brink No Rehearsal Band includes:

  • Brian Bell, drums
  • Carl Boettger, tenor sax
  • Amanda Buhler, tenor sax
  • Scott Daniels, guitar
  • Karl Fulbright, bari sax
  • Andre' Hayward, trombone
  • Guy Schwartz, bass
  • Patrick Brink, vocal/trumpet/keys

Recorded live at Dan Electro's Guitar Bar in Houston at the South by Due East Annual Music Showcase (2010)

***Recorded in Denton, TX